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Eid-ul-Adha 1431 Prayer Locations in the GTA

Published: 3 years 159 days ago
" Eid-ul-Adha 1431 Prayer Locations in the GTA - Updated: November 11, 2010 - We are still in the process of completing this list. If you know of Eid Prayer times and locations missing or not listed below, please inform us @ We are indebted to all those brothers and sisters who voluntarily contribute to keep this community website updated and alive!

Eid-ul-Adha 1431
Prayer Locations in the GTA

- Updated: November 12, 2010 -

We are still in the process of completing this list. If you know of Eid Prayer times and locations missing or not listed below, please inform us @

We are indebted to all those brothers and sisters who voluntarily contribute to keep this community website updated and alive!





Prayer Location
Phone #
Prayer Date
Prayer Time
A.E.I. Centre  

Abu Huraira Center  
Tuesday, Nov. 16 10 am
Agincourt Muslim Association  
416- 297-7866

Al-Eman Islamic Centre @ The Gateway Centre
Wednesday, Nov. 17 1st: 8:00 am
2nd: 9:00 am
3rd: 10:00am
Al-Falah Islamic Centre  
Wednesday, Nov. 17 1st: 8:00 am
2nd: 9:45 am 
 Al-Huda Institute   905-624 -2030  Wednesday, Nov. 17 9:00 am 
AlNadwa Educational Islamic Centre

Anatolia Islamic Centre  
Ar-Rahman Quran Learning Centre  

Baitul Aman Masjid  
Wednesday, Nov. 17 1st: 8:00am
 2nd: 9:00am
  3rd: 10:00am
  4th: 11:00am 
Baitul Mukarram Islamic Society  

Bosnian Islamic Centre  
Tuesday, Nov. 16 8:30 am 
Bosnion - Dzamja Mosque  
Tuesday, Nov. 16  8:30 am
Brampton Islamic Centre  
Wednesday, Nov. 17
1st: 7:35 am
2nd: 8:45 am
3rd: 10:00 am
Canadian Exhibition Centre (CNE) by MAC    

Tuesday, Nov. 16  10:00 am
Canadian Turkish Islamic Centre  
Danforth Islamic Centre @ Dentonia Park Soccer Field  ( Victoria Park & Danforth Ave.)
Tuesday, Nov. 16
Dar At-Tawheed Islamic Centre  
Tuesday, Nov. 16
1st: 8:30 am
2nd: 10:00 am
Dar-ul-Quraan Canada

Darul Hijra Islamic Center  
 Tuesday, Nov. 16  9:30 am
Downtown Mosque  
Ebubekir Islamic Centre [Hamilton]  
416-745-3626/ 416-744-3636
Tuesday, Nov. 16
 7:30 am
Elmbank Community Centre, 10 Rampart Road
Faizan-e-Madina Canada  
Wednesday, Nov. 17 1st: 7:45 am
2nd: 8:30 am
Fatih Mosque  
Tuesday, Nov. 16
8:00 am
Halton Islamic Association [Halton Mosque]  
Tuesday, Nov. 16 1st: 7:30 am
2nd: 9:00 am
Hamza Mosque [PICC]  

Imdadul Islam Centre  

International Muslims Organisation [IMO]  
 Tuesday, Nov. 16
1st: 8:00 am
2nd: 10:00 am
Islamic Center Of Durham  

Islamic Center of Canada (ISNA)  
Tuesday, Nov. 16
1st: 8:00 am
2nd: 9:30 am
3rd: 11:00 am
Islamic Association of Hamilton  

Islamic Centre of SouthWest Ont. [London]  

Islamic Forum of Canada  

1st: 8:00am
3rd: 11:00am
Islamic Foundation of Toronto  
Wednesday, Nov. 17 1st: 8:00am
2nd: 9:30am
Islamic Information & Dawah Centre  
Tuesday, Nov. 16  10:00 am 
Islamic Institute of Toronto [IIT]
 Tuesday, Nov. 16  9:00 am
Islamic Iranian Centre of Imam Ali  
Wednesday, Nov. 17 8:30 
Islamic Propagation Centre [Coopers Masjid]  
Wednesday, Nov. 17 1st: 8:45
2nd: 10:15 am
@Hershey Centre
Islamic Society of Markham [Jam'e Masjid of Markham]  

Islamic Society of Mount Joy  
Wednesday, Nov. 17 9:00 am
@Crystal Fountain Banquet Hall 
Islamic Society of Richmond Hill  

Islamic Society of Willowdale  

Istiqamah Islamic Center of Ontario  

Ja'ffari Islamic Centre  
Jame Abu Bakr Siddique Masjid  
Wednesday, Nov. 17 1st: 7:45 am
2nd: 9:00 am
Jame Al Mustafa  

1st: 8:00am
2nd: 10:00am
Jame Masjid Brampton [Islamic Society of Peel]  
Wednesday, Nov. 17  
Jami Mosque Toronto  

Jamia Islamia Canada  
Wednesday, Nov. 17 1st: 7:30am
2nd: 8:30am
3rd: 10:30am 
Jamia Muhammadia (Streestville Islamic Centre)  
Jamiah Ul Uloom Al Islamiyyah (Ajax)  

Jamiat-ul-Ansar of Brampton  
Wednesday, Nov. 17 1st: 8:00am
2nd: 9:30am
3rd: 11:00am
Khalid Bin Al-Walid Mosque  
Tuesday, Nov. 16 9:30 am
Lote Tree Foundation  
905-487 -2098
Wednesday, Nov. 17
9:00 am 
@ Chandni Banquet Hall - 125 Chrysler Drive, Brampton
Madina Masjid  
Wednesday, Nov. 17 1st: 8:00 am
2nd: 9:30 am
Malton Islamic Centre  

Masjid Adam  
Masjid Al Farooq  
Tuesday, Nov. 16
 1st: 7:30 am
2nd: 9:30 am
3rd: 11:15 am
Masjid Al Noor  
Masjid Al Qalam  
 Tuesday, Nov. 16 8:00 am
Masjid Qurtabah  
Wednesday, Nov. 17 9:00 am
Masjid Al Taqwa  
Masjid Dar Al-Salam [Thorncliffe Masjid]  

Wednesday, Nov. 17  8:30am
Masjid Jannah

Masjid Noor-ul-Haram  

Masjid Omar Bin Al-Khattab  
Masjid Rehmat  

Masjid Sayyidina Omar Al-Farooq  
Wednesday, Nov. 17  1st: 8:00 am
2nd: 9:15 am
Masjid Toronto  
Tuesday, Nov. 16 10:00am
for more information visit

Masumeen Islamic Centre  
Meadowvale Islamic Centre  
Wednesday, Nov. 17
Milton Masjid  
Wednesday, Nov. 17
 10 am
Muslim Association of Whitby  
Niagara Mosque  
Tuesday, Nov. 16
Nigerian Canadian Muslim Association  

Noor Cultural Centre  
Tuesday, Nov. 16
9:15 am
Noor-ul-Islam Ontario Masjid  
Oshawa Islamic Centre  

Wednesday, Nov. 17 1st: 7:45 am
2nd: 9:00 am
7180 Edward Street
Pickering Islamic Centre  
Wednesday, Nov. 17
Quran and Sunnah Society of Canada [QSS]  
Tuesday, Nov. 16  9:30 am
@ Embers Banquet hall  
Rexdale Jame Masjid  
Wednesday, Nov. 17 1st: 7:45 am
2nd: 9:00 am
Salahuddin Islamic Center  
 Tuesday, Nov. 16 9:30 am 
Sayeda Khadija Centre @ Sagan Banquent Hall
 Tuesday, Nov. 16 1st: 7:45 am
2nd: 10:00 am
Shalimar Complex Mosque  

Sunnatul Jamaat  
Wednesday, Nov. 17

Talim-ul-Islam Community Centre  

TARIC Islamic Centre  
Wednesday, Nov. 17 1st: 8:00 am
2nd: 9:00 am
The Reign of Islaamic Da'wah Center  
 Tuesday, Nov. 16 9:30 am 
Toronto Islamic Centre

   647 350-4262 
Tuesday, Nov. 16  9:00 am
Ummah Nabawiah [Afghan] Mosque  
 Tuesday, Nov. 16
1st: 9:00 am
  2nd: 10:30 am
Saga Convention Center (Derry Rd. & Edwards Blvd.) by Masjid Ibrahim
Wednesday, Nov. 17
1st: 7:45 am
2nd: 9:00 am
Tuesday, Nov. 16  8:30 am
@ RIM Park
Weston Islamic Centre  

1st: 8:00am
2nd: 9:00am
Woodbine Banquet Hall (by Iqra Spiritual Centre)
      1st: 8:30am
2nd: 10:00am
York Region Islamic Center [Stoufville Masjid]  

1st: 8:00am
2nd: 9:30am
3rd: 11am



  • Replica Handbags 150 days ago
    0 Takbeers
    Even if we wanted to make sure the person is reciting the oath then one can be asked to recite the oath in front of the female judge, in privacy, with face uncovered.

  • Ayesha 3 years 153 days ago
    0 Takbeers
    Hi all, Eid Mubarak!

    I was wondering whether there will be eid prayers at Woodbine banquet hall and if so, what date? Hopefully Wednesday (i.e. tomorrow) since today (Tuesday) is already gone! I usually go to IMO in Rexdale but they celebrated Eid yesterday, meh. I cannot understand for the life of me understand why these mullahs can't agree on ONE day. Just follow the damn lunar calendar, jeez. When it comes to namaaz, we're okay about following modern, mechanical, non-Islamic clocks right down to the second but when it comes to Eid, oh no, that has to be done the old-fashioned way with moon sightings, like seriously??? This is a whole other issue, I digress.

    Anyways, any info on Woodbine would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Imtiaz Ahmad 3 years 154 days ago
    0 Takbeers
    Salam, Its good to hear one of the most recognized Islamic Scholars and Jurist in the World Mufti Taqi Usmani has wrote a response to Islamic Society of North America(the largest Muslim organization in north America) on what he feels about the date they chose to celebrate eid and why it isn’t right.

    Maulana’s Response
    I have gone through the article of ISNA and with the utmost respect for their sentiment for Muslim unity, I am forced to say that the view expressed in the article (Eid al-Adha on next day of Arafat) is in total disagreement with the teachings of Quran and Sunnah, and with the Shari’ah position recognized throughout the centuries. This is an unprecedented view which has never been adopted by any of the Muslim jurists during the past 1400 years, and it has a number of intrinsic defects and anomalies, some of which are summarized here.

    The article admits that the celebration of Eid al-Fitr should be tied to the sighting of the moon in each country and should not be linked with the celebration of Eid al-Fitr in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, however, the article calls for celebration of Eid al-Adha according to the Saudi Calendar regardless of the local dates, which means Eid al-Adha will be celebrated in North America on 8th or 9th of Zul-Hajjah. It is thus clear that the theory proposed in ISNA’s article is impractical.

    The article has laid much emphasis on the concept of unity of the Muslim Ummah, which no one can deny. At the same time, however, one must appreciate that unity does not mean that the entire Muslim Ummah throughout the world should perform their acts of worship at one and the same time, because it is physically not possible. It is evident that when people in Saudi Arabia are performing their Fajr prayers, those in North America may still have not completed their Isha prayers of the previous day. Similarly, when Muslims in Los Angeles offer their Fajr prayers, those in India and Pakistan are offering their Maghrib or Isha prayer of the same day.

    If it is made obligatory on all the Muslims in the world to offer their acts of worship at one and the same time for the sake of unity, such unity can never materialize (because of the time differences). It is, therefore, obvious that offering one’s acts of worship at different times do not affect the concept of Muslim Unity.

    What does the Muslim unity mean?

    It means that all Muslims should treat each other with brotherly sympathy and affection and should not spread disorder and dissension among them. Nor should they invent new ideas foreign to the teachings of Quran and the Sunnah which may lead to division and conflict among Muslims.
    It is also astonishing that the article views the celebration of Eid al-Adha on different days as being against the concept of Ummah while in the matter of celebration of Eid ai-Fitr, this concept is dispensed with. If the celebration of Eid al-Fitr on different days does not affect the concept of unity, how can it be said to harm unity in the case of Eid al-Adha?

    It is true that Eid al-Adha falls immediately after the day of Arafat in Saudi Arabia, but it is not necessary that the Muslims in every country should follow the same dates in their respective areas. Hajj, no doubt, is tied with a particular place but the celebration of Eid al-Adha is not confined to that place alone. It is celebrated everywhere in the world and cannot be tied to the Saudi calendar.

    The article admits that the celebration of Eid al-Adha in other countries was never linked with its celebration in Saudi Arabia throughout the past 14 centuries. This, the author’s claim was because of a lack of communication facilities. With vastly improved communication today, they argued that everyone almost anywhere can find out the day of Hajj, and should celebrate Eid al-Adha based on Saudi calendar.

    There is a clear admission in this argument that it is not obligatory according to Quran or the Sunnah to celebrate Eid al-Adha according to Saudi calendar. Had this been so, Muslims would have tried their best to find the exact date of Hajj in Saudi Arabia. It is not correct to say that it was not possible in those days for people living outside Saudi Arabia to know the exact date of Hajj, because this date is normally determined on the first night of Zul-Hijjah. There is a nine day period until which is more than sufficient to acquire this information. However, no jurists has ever stressed that such information be collected in order to celebrate Eid al-Adha according to Saudi dates.

    Further, if the argument of the article is accepted and it is held that the real intention of Quran and Sunnah was to link the celebration of Eid al-Adha with the Saudi dates, as a mandatory provision for all Muslims in the world, it means that the Shari’ah has stressed a principle which was not acceptable for 1300 years. Is it not against the Quranic declaration that Allah does not make a thing mandatory unless it is practical for the human beings.

    If the authors argue that the celebration of Eid al-Adha was not linked with the dates in Makkah in the past but it has become a mandatory requirement of the Shari’ah now, then the question arises, who has abrogated the previous principle and on what basis? There is no provision in Quran or the Sunnah which orders the Muslims to celebrate Eid al-Adha according to their local dates up to a particular time and to link it with the dates in Makkah thereafter. Whoever considers this and similar questions arising out of this unprecedented theory advanced in the article can appreciate its fallacy.

    Finally, I would like to inform you that the question of sighting the moon for each lunar month including Zul-Hijjah was thoroughly discussed at the annual sessions of the Islamic Fiqh Academy (held in Jordan, October 11-16, 1986) attended by more than a hundred outstanding scholars of Shari’ah. The academy adopted the resolution recommended that all Muslim countries should determine all the lunar months including Zul-Hijjah on the same basis for both Eid al-Fitr as well as Eid al-Adha.

    This resolution represents the consensus of Muslim jurists throughout the world. The proposal contained in the ISNA article, however, goes totally against this consensus - (see note below).

    Before parting with the subject, I would like to emphasize that such unprecedented proposals can never advance the cause of Muslim unity. Rather, they may create a new point of disunity and dissention among Muslims. Before venturing such opinions as definite “Fatwa”, these should be discussed at some responsible international forum of contemporary Muslim jurists like the International Islamic Fiqh Academy in Jeddah.

    • ag 3 years 153 days ago
      0 Takbeers
      some ppl like the sound of their own voice and just keep going on & on & on & on & on...
      the glorious message from God is self explanatory and simple.. leave it to these "scholars" to corrupt one of the easiest faiths.. - BE GOOD & DO GOOD WITH BEST OF INTENTIONS - LET THE SUBLIME LORD GOD ALLAH OR BY WHATEVER NAME YOU CALL HIM SORT OUT THE REST

    • Hakeem Mirza 3 years 154 days ago
      0 Takbeers
      Imtiaz Bhai, I would like to respectfully disagree with you. There is no authentic hadith which says, Eid Al Adha should be based on local moon sighting. It is based on when Yaum-Al-Araft is held and the Eid would be next day. As for Eid-Al-Fitr, it is based on local moon sighting whether is calculation based or seen by naked eye. Don't waste people's time with quoting scholars here, because, we take our Deen from the Quran and the Sunnah. In GTA today, there were thousands of people who celebrated Eid. Since ages our Ummah has wasted it's time in these petty issues and follow the egos of some of the scholars who clearly are breaking-away from the Sunnah, because they are branding themselves as Bareilvis, Deobandis etc. It is all due to lack of Islamic Knowledge even from some of the scholars. This lack of knowledge has resulted in emergence of people of Ghulam Ahmed Mirza and other psychos who take away people from Islam, and where is this? it is in our sub-continent. Majority of the people who celebrated the Eid today are form Middle East or the people who have a clear understanding of Islam and are not stuck in half-baked knowledge or do not want to open their minds or contemplate, they just blindly follow so called Scholars. Is there no possibility that these scholars may be doing a blunder in giving a fatwa that Eid-Al-Adha should be celebrated on local moon sighting when there is no Authentic Hadith for that? May Allah Subhaana Taala save us from these things! May Allah Subhaana Taala re-focus us towards serving and dedicating our time for the betterment of Society and not in these stupid discussions.

      • ag 3 years 153 days ago
        0 Takbeers
        Bro Hakeem... EXCELLENT!!!
        It is a shame there are not more ppl with your thinking. The backward thinking 'muslims' who do not want to realize that Allah has given us knowledge... knowledge to the point that we have TOUCHED the surface of the moon still want to live with the naked eye. They should not use toothpaste with flouride and stick to miswak. They should ride by camels and not autos.. It even says in the Quran that - we will not penetrate the heavens unless without clear authority - ... is that not clear that we will modernize from CAVE DWELLING DAYS. We have the most precise moment of the birth of the new moment by our advancement as a species and we should not use it??? What if the day remains foggy for 2 days ??? Eid should be held until??? No they already found a justification for that anyways... On the Discovery Channel scientists were trying to view a commet that only passes the earth every 100,000 years... 4 or 5 hrs before the passing a fog as thick as soup descended and left everyone with there jaws dropped and the telescopes were of ABSOLUTELY NO USE... Exact same could happen for the moon sighting... and it has. This is leading to a paramount joke when it should be the most beautiful and unified faiths in the world... that was and i repeat WAS our distinction.. but alas today... EVERYONE IS A 'SCHOLAR'!

      • Imtiaz Ahmad 3 years 154 days ago
        0 Takbeers
        No comment is the best comment, specially because you have lined up many learned Ulema with, "Ghulam Ahmed Mirza and other psychos, who according to you "stuck in half-baked knowledge or do not want to open their minds or contemplate, they just blindly follow so called Scholars. Is there no possibility that these scholars may be doing a blunder in giving a fatwa that Eid-Al-Adha should be celebrated on local moon sighting when there is no Authentic Hadith for that? ". May Allah give us Hidayat....Ameen

        • Imtiaz Ahmad 3 years 153 days ago
          0 Takbeers
          Further to above response, I have tried to get view of Ulema from Middle Eastern Origin. Their response is on link below

          Extract of the article ,
          "In the fatwa of Shaykh Ibn ‘Uthaymeen (may Allaah have mercy on him) referred to above, it says that differences in moon sighting should be followed with regard to Eid al-Adha just as they are followed with regard to the beginning and end of Ramadaan.

          Based on this, there is no problem if Eid al-Adha is on Friday in one country and on Saturday in another, and so on, based on the differences in moon sighting. "

          • ag 3 years 153 days ago
            0 Takbeers
            no one can restore sight to the blind except for God... HADITH - WRITTEN BY MANS PEN... MANS PEN... Don't answer this with garbage... answer it straight... STRAIGHT... WHAT HAS MAN EVER TOUCHED THAT HE HAS NOT CORRUPTED? ONE ANSWER ONLY... NO BEATING AROUND... ONE ANSWER!!! THIS HADITH has become more revered for these souls than the ACTUAL REVELATION PROTECTED BY GOD FROM THE ARCHANGEL... how could anything be more perfect.. there are so many shameful hadiths i have read about prophet/sexual prowess/behaviour... God help these followers of HADITH

  • Khaled 3 years 155 days ago
    0 Takbeers
    Can you please add another column with the city, this can help when looking for the Masjid close to where you are

    • Amer Meknas 3 years 154 days ago
      0 Takbeers
      Assalamo Alekom,

      thanks for the suggestion :) sorry we could not implement it on time for this year... I am adding it to the article so we would remember to do it for next year insha'llah...

      Keep us in your prayers...



  • Max 3 years 155 days ago
    0 Takbeers
    Salaams everyone,

    I have a quick question. On your page, you have mentioned that Canadian Exhibition Centre (CNE) by MAC will have Eid prayers at 9am. However when I checked the CNE ( website, it mentions that Eid prayers is at 10am. Can you please let me know which is correct? Im confused.

    Thanks so much

    • El-Tantawy Attia 3 years 155 days ago
      0 Takbeers
      10 am is the correct time.

      • Max 3 years 154 days ago
        0 Takbeers
        Thank you!

  • Hashim 3 years 157 days ago
    0 Takbeers
    why do we muslims need to go to saudi arabia for hajj? why can't the local north american scholars make it easy and economical for us? make fatwa so we can do hajj in new york. more people will do hajj this way, and save the environment as well. saving the environment is part of islam is it not? say no to saudi scholars. its time we moved away from cultural islam.

    • Amer Meknas 3 years 157 days ago
      0 Takbeers
      If everyone does their own Hajj in their own back yard, then Hajj would loose its meaning as a uniting act of worship.

      Yes, Islam cares for the environment... that's why you are only required to do Hajj once in a life time if you are able to...

  • Khaled Mohammed 3 years 157 days ago
    0 Takbeers
    May Allah(swt) guide all of us. We are brother in islam. Let's not make fun/hate each other because of our opinion. Breaking the heart of muslim brother is worse than breaking the kaa'ba. It's okay to have difference of opinion. When we can tolerate the difference of opinion in oneness of Allah among my co-workers, why can't tolerate difference of opinion among my brothers? The unity of muslim will only come when we love each other for the sake of Allah and consider myself lower than others.

  • mohammad 3 years 157 days ago
    0 Takbeers
    Assalamualikum.Please follow what Prophet (s)did.He prayed Eid ul adha just after ending of Hajj.Never waited two days.Whoever saying EID should be on 17 of nov.they are denying HAJJ,that means HAJJ was not performed
    on right day.Which is wrong.This way nobody will be able to perform HAJJ at all .

    • Amer Meknas 3 years 157 days ago
      0 Takbeers
      Many people discuss this issue without knowledge of the Fiqhi background and with great emotion...

      It is not following Sauid per say because it is Saudi :) it is more about the fact that Hajj takes place there and Eid, 10th of Thul Hijjah, is the day after Arafah (9th of Thul Hijjah and a crucial part of Hajj)...

      for followers of the local moon sighting opinion, they believe in that a moon can be sighted in one place (scientifically) but not in another... (which is true... )

      So, both opinions have valid explanations behind them... Both of them have respected scholars to back them up. We should not belittle one or another for any reason. If you are not sure which one to follow and don't want to do the research you self, then follow what your family follows (as divided families are the worst thing to have for Eid). If the family is not sure, follow your local mosque. (and hence the list of timings, dates, and locations :))

      Hope this helps :) Jazakum Allah Khayr for your support...

    • imtiaz 3 years 157 days ago
      0 Takbeers
      Eid ul Azha is on 10th of Zil Hajj. That is the date mentioned. Let us have Eid-ul-Azha congregation on 10th of Zil Hajj as per moon sightnning. I do not know what Deobandi has to do with in. We should get involved in those areas. Let us follow what our beloved Prophet Hazrat Mohammad SAW told us to follow. He asked to follow moon sightning and must follow it. Our beloved Nabi SAW had all future vision in prospectives. He predicted many things that is coming true these days, and must have clear vision of what might become controversial today. For that reason he clearly mentioned about moon sightning. If we try to look for logic, then it is very clear. Even if there is no communication link, people can still see moon sightning at all location of world. But in event of communication breakdown, it will be difficult to find when is Youm-e-Arafat and then celebrate according to that. Regarding Hajj and other related rituals, they are to be performed according to qurana and sunnah at that perticuler place. Just as Hajj can not be performed at any other place, same way its rituals can not be performed at any other place. These rituals are to be performed at perticuler days and times at perticuler place. No confusion over that. May Allah give us Hidayat to all of us......Ameen

  • Hakeem 3 years 157 days ago
    0 Takbeers
    You don't follow Saudi Arabia, but for Eid-Al-Adha it needs to be celebrated next day of Yaum-Al-Arafat. Yaum-Al-Arafat is on Nov 15, therefore the Eid should be on Nov 16. Simple, don't get brain-washed by Deobandis.

  • Imtiaz 3 years 157 days ago
    0 Takbeers
    I hope good sense prevail, and we as Muslim Ummah unite in all areas. It is very sad to note even on Eid we can not be united. Although every group has their own reason to follow, but I strongly believe, we should hold Quran and Sunnah and follow it. We should take guidance basedon Hadith Nawabi ( SAW ) on all aspect. Propher Mohammad SAW clearly mentioned to follow moon sightning and we should stock to it. Even in the times of RasulAllah SAW, eid were celbrated in different days in Makkah and Madina, and was solely based on Moon. Let us hold Hadith fast and guide our decision f=through golden saying of our beloved prophet.
    May Allah help us all. ....... Ameen

  • FARAH ZAHID 3 years 158 days ago
    -1 Takbeers

    • Mohammad 3 years 157 days ago
      0 Takbeers
      Assalam alaikum.
      The answer to the last part of your question is Yes, more than one christmas are celebrated by Christians. It is better to celebrate Eid on one day but if we can not due to our beliefs there is nothing to be ashamed of and this should not stop anyone from inviting others to Islam. Let us be tolerant of others beliefs and agree to disagree.

  • sabiha 3 years 158 days ago
    0 Takbeers
    salam to all.whats wrong with these people?why are these people following saudi arabia?is there any hadish saying you have to follow saudi arabia for moon sighiting no matter where you are?please let me know.

    • Amna 3 years 155 days ago
      0 Takbeers

      Hope it may give some clarity.


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