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Copyright: ISNA Lantern

Copyright: ISNA Lanterns

Sunday afternoons have a new meaning for dozens of Muslim families in the GTA, since the start of this summer’s Brotherhood Softball League. What began as pick-up games last year, has now taken a life of its own with a league as professional as they come! Over 72 players from all over the GTA step on to the field in Mississauga every week. Donning team uniforms boasting the names of big Muslim dynasties representing strength and excellence, the bearded men bring a special flare to the game offering thrilling excitement and fierce competition. If you think ‘brotherhood’ implies a peaceful tossing around of the ball, you’ve got another thing coming!  These boys mean business when it comes to sport! Every game comes packed with entertainment, and the highlight is the brothers who back up their talk with talent! The aggression on the field is unmatched as sparks fly between players, and the passionate teams battle it out for the championship title.

The league consists of six teams, who play each other in two rounds, followed by the play offs in September. Check out their impressive website where you can find updated team stats and detailed player information along with top notch media and follow up videos of player interviews! While you’re on it, you can look up some familiar names, because the who’s who of GTA’s Muslim athletes are all bringing their A-game to the brotherhood league! What makes it really interesting is that some of these guys are playing softball for the first time in their lives, so you’ll get to see some fancy footwork at the plate, but I assure you, even the rookies have some serious swag!

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