How to add a listing

Many ask us How to add a listing to the website, here is a quick overview of how to get your Free listing online today!

  • On the top right corner, Register to create a new account OR  Log-in using your current email/social media account
  • If you choose to Register in the step above, will receive an email with log-in link, user-name, and password (Note: Internet Explorer might give you an error message.  You should still receive the email with your information)
  • Return to the website and Log-in with your information
  • Click on the Logo to go to our homepage
  • On the right sidebar, you will see two links. one to Add Listings (businesses, mosques, schools, community services) and the other to Add Events. Click on Add Listings
  • Select a Category from the list then Click Next 
  • Fill in your listing information
  • At the bottom of the form you can choose to list as a Free Listing OR a Featured Listing.  Featured Listings take priority in showing on the home page.  Select one of these options
  • Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions
  • Click Preview Listing.  If everything looks good, click on Submit

Listings stay on the website or a maximum length of 356 Days.  This is meant to keep the website fresh and avoid spam. Featured Listings stay active for the length of their contract. Once expired, you have the option of renewing, or just switching to a free listing.