How to claim a listing

If you see your business or organization listed on our website and wish to make changes to it, here is how to claim a listing so you can manage it:

  • On the top right corner, Register to create a new account OR  Log-in using your current email/social media account
  • If you choose to Register in the step above, will receive an email with log-in link, user-name, and password (Note: Internet Explorer might give you an error message.  You should still receive the email with your information)
  • Return to the website and Log-in with your information
  • Click on the Logo to go to our homepage
  • On the top right corner, where it says “What” type the name of your business and click search
  • The website will return search results.  Click on the appropriate one.  If no results are returned, try a different word, or a different spelling
  • Under the title and the general information, click “Claim Ownership”
  • Please fill the information form for us to verify that you own the listing

Please note, since this has the potential of people using it for malicious purposes, we will have to authenticate ownership through an official email address of the organization, a phone call, and possible other measures.