Seerah Mission School (KG to 8)

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Excellent in Academic
Excellent in Character

Integrated Curriculum of Deen and Dunya
Numeracy & Literacy (physical, social, interpersonal, intellectual, cultural, moral and spiritual).
A comprehensive tarbiyah (in life training) program for moral and spiritual development.


Elementary School (KG to 8); Started from September 2013.


  Excellent in Academics                Excellent in Character

 Allah says in Quran

 إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ لَا يُغَيِّرُ مَا بِقَوۡمٍ حَتَّىٰ يُغَيِّرُواْ مَا بِأَنفُسِہِمۡۗ 13:11سورہ الرعد

 Surely, Allah does not change the condition of a people unless they change themselves.

 Definition of Education

  “Education is the transmission of civilization” —Will Durant, an educationist, historian, writer and philosopher (1885-1981)     When a generation transfers its faith, beliefs, traditions, divine knowledge and wisdom, norms, practices, experiences, history, culture, language, and their heroes’ achievements, to the next generation, the process of this transmission is called “education.”


  Children should acquire necessary education and skill that provides everlasting and real happiness in this world that continues into the hereafter.


  An education system that produces a new generation; best in academic, best in character and best in spirituality and from where the foundation will be laid to produce future role models of the nation in all walks of life.

 Purpose of Education

  Explanation of Verse of Quran (a prayer): رَبَّنَآ ءَاتِنَا فِى ٱلدُّنۡيَا حَسَنَةً۬ وَفِى ٱلۡأَخِرَةِ حَسَنَةً۬ وَقِنَا عَذَابَ ٱلنَّارِ   “Our Lord, give us good in this world and good in the Hereafter, and save us from the punishment of Fire” (Al-Baqrah: 201).

 Obedience of the Lord:

The Creator and Sustainer wish to see His noble creation (human beings) obey Him in the same fashion as all His other creations are programmed to obey Him. “All living creatures and all angels in the heavens and on the earth are in prostration before Allah; and never do they behave in arrogant defiance. They hold their Lord, Who is above them, in fear, and do as they are bidden” (16: 49-50). وَمَا خَلَقۡتُ ٱلۡجِنَّ وَٱلۡإِنسَ إِلَّا لِيَعۡبُدُونِI did not create the Jinns and the human beings except for the purpose that they should worship Me. [Quran Surah Adh-Dhariat (51): 56]

 Role Model of the Messenger of Allah:

لَّقَدۡ كَانَ لَكُمۡ فِى رَسُولِ ٱللَّهِ أُسۡوَةٌ حَسَنَةٌ “There is indeed an excellent model for you in the Messenger of Allah” [Surah Al-Ahzab (33): 21]. وَإِنَّكَ لَعَلَىٰ خُلُقٍ عَظِيمٍ۬ “And you are surely on an excellent standard of character” [Surah Al Qalam (68): 4].

 Best Character:

The Prophet Muhammad (S.) said, “I have been sent as a prophet to teach the attributes of the utmost best character.” So the main purpose of the Seerah education is to instill unequivocally the “best character” in the students.


“Our Lord! And raise up in them a Messenger from among them who shall recite to them Thy communications and teach them the Book and the wisdom, and purify them; surely Thou art the Mighty, the Wise” (Al-Qur’an 2: 129).

 Spiritual Requirement:

Acquiring education in not just a social requirement; it is spiritual and psychological requirement of every individual. Adam (AS) was superior to the angels because of his “knowledge.”

 Final Success:

The purpose of the education system is for ultimate success on the Day of Judgment in front of Allah.

 Our Principles:

The Seerah Mission School’s education system is based on four principles: uniformity, availability, affordability, and universality.


The education system is uniform, meaning that it is not divided into deen (religious) and dunya (worldly) education and that it will not be divided into rich and poor. -The educational system; integrated curriculum covers both the systems of knowledge –divine and worldly (physical). -The education system is also uniform in the sense that rich and poor will go to the same education system, and admission will be  not denied based on income and financial status/constraints. Financial assistance may be provided to the Parents who couldn’t pay the fees.


A network (chain) of schools will be established everywhere.


The education should be affordable to every parent. Collective community funding and donations will be collected, and endowments will be established to provide scholarships, and to manage and run the schools.


The educational system is not to serve only a particular ethnic, racial, or communal interest. The foundation of this education system is based on: 1. Unity of the Creator, 2. Unity of the human beings, and 3. Accountability on the Day of Judgment. The school is open for children from all ethnic, color and religious backgrounds.

 Curriculum Outlines:

 Key Features:

 1. Quran will be the nucleus and focal point of the curriculum.

 2. Integrated Curriculum of Deen and Dunya; learning all subjects in a way that leads to the path of Allah and His Messenger (s.a.w.).
3. Develop best academic ability in English, math, science, French, and Arabic.
4. Literacy; spiritual literacy, moral literacy, intellectual literacy, physical literacy, interpersonal literacy, cultural literacy and social literacy, and numeracy.
5. A comprehensive tarbiyah (in life training) program for moral and spiritual development.     6. Training in oratory, writing, leadership, organization, and in collective wisdom through various creative activities.    
7. Seerah of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (s.a.w.), his companions (r.a.), and all other Messengers of God; from Adam to Jesus, (peace be upon all of them) will be taught as role models.
1. Learning English language should be emphasized as it opens the window of worldly knowledge.
2. Learning Arabic language should be in priority as it opens the window of the knowledge of Deen, the divine knowledge.
3. Math should also be emphasized as it opens the knots of the mind.
4. Science should be taught in a way to recognize the signs of Allah as another open book of Allah, the universe.
5. Health and physical sciences, with the availability of gym, will also be given preference. Healthy mind resides in healthy body. Health is the best asset and trust of Allah for this world.
6. There will not be any prejudicial approach in developing and implementing curriculum. The educationist’s and teacher’s role in this respect should be like bee that gets the extract of every flower.
7. Assembly: Surah Fatiha (prayer for the straight path), Surah Ikhlas (declaration of oneness and unity of Allah), Darood e Ibrahimi (praising the Messengers of Allah), and the prayer Rabbana Aatina Fid-duniya hasnah and fil Aakhirah ti Hasnah (prayer for betterment in this world and hereafter), with English translations of all, will be recited loudly in the assembly. Then the Ayah of the week; students will memorize one ayah in the week with the meaning in English. A Tarbiyah teacher teaches the etiquettes, manners, Ikhlaq and Aadab.
8.  Quranic Arabic, Tahfeez (Partial), Tajweed, and Tafseer (Meaning), Hadeeth and Seerah. The partial memorization of Quran is must for all Muslims’ children.
9. The curriculum covers spiritual literacy (God-consciousness), moral literacy (noble character), intellectual literacy (useful knowledge), physical literacy (healthy living), interpersonal literacy (human relations), cultural literacy (faith in action) and social literacy (public service).
10. A comprehensive tarbiyah (in life training) program  for the students to achieve a good level of taqwa (Allah consciousness), morals, positive approach, creativity, good etiquettes, learning to respect parents, elders, neighbours and fellow citizens (Maamlat). They should also be trained  in oratory, writing, leadership, organizational, and in collective wisdom through various activities.
11. Educational field trips.
12. The process of educating and learning is an Ibadah, a state of worship. Teachers and students should maintain taharah (cleanliness) and wudu (ablution) and keep remembering Allah (s.t.) during the class hours.
13. A monthly program on “teaching and parenting” for parents and teachers.


1. Students and teachers are two most important components of the educational system. The desire of students to learn and the ability of teachers to educate are the key factors of the success of any education system.   2. The high character and knowledge of teachers are key to the success of an educational system.   3. Teachers will keep learning and keep updating in the knowledge of Deen and Dunya.   4. A quarterly or half-yearly teachers training program will be managed to improve the skills and knowledge of the teachers.

 Parents Involvement:

1. Parents should be role models for the children.   2. A yearly or half-yearly extensive training for parenting will be provided.   3. Parents will attend the monthly parent-teacher council meeting

 Non Muslim Parents:

  We will provide a safe environment in Seerah Mission School from bullying, assault, drugs and other evils prevalent in our public schools. We expect (and train accordingly) the children of our school will be obedient to their parents and grandparents, respectful to elders and kind to younger children, nice for neighbors, and an asset for the nation. We expect that all the hatred, competing with and harming others, selfishness, disrespect, racial or ethnic bigotry will disappear from our school system and only  peace, love, and respect will prevail. Exemption from certain classes or part of the curriculum may be provided on written request from non-Muslim parents. The fee is lowest in comparison to other private schools. It is the best investment for the future.    

Fees structure:


For the Session September (2014) to June (2015)
-Registration Fee: $100
-Supplies: $200
-Fees may change  in the new academic year
-Partial or full scholarship may be provided to needy parents and deserving students. Admission will not be denied due to financial constraints. Meet us in the office and discuss.
-We are requesting affluent parents to pay above the fees so that every student can be accommodated.
-Zakatul Maal will be collected and deposited in a separate fund to support in paying the fees.

Elementary School (KG to 8)

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